We continue to get a lot of questions about the product “Tinnitus Control,” so we decided to so some research and give a tinnitus control product review.  At first glance, Tinnitus Control appears to be a similar tinnitus treatment option as to Lipoflavonoid, in that the products are natural made up of natural ingredients and dietary supplements .  The premise behind these types of products is that by combining individual nutrients and vitamins that are all proven to help relieve tinnitus symptoms, the user will experience a synergistic effect from the combination of ingredients, and thus see an improvement in their overall tinnitus symptoms, particularly an improvement of the ringing in the ears experienced by many tinnitus sufferers.

Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus Control is made up of both a pill form and a spray form, and each provides your body with different ingredients.  The ingredients in the pill include the dietary supplments Zinc, Deodorized garlic and Ginkgo Biloba (see our article on Gingko Biloba), which are actually much different than the ingredients found in Lipoflanonoid, so the comparison quickly ends once you get past the fact that both are simply a combination of supplements that are believed to help improve the symptoms of tinnitus.  The actual spray portion of Tinnitus control contains Arnica 30x, Chininum Sulphuricum, Kali Phoshporicum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Pulsatilla, Silicea and Thiosinaminum.

Lipoflavonoids actually come in a pill form only, while Tinnitus Control has both the pills and a spray that you spray into the mucosal lining in your mouth.  One thing that strikes us as a positive with Tinnitus Control is the fact that it is a spray, as dietary supplements have been proven to much more easily absorbed and used by the body when they enter through the mucosal areas of the mouth.

The suggested use of the product is to spray the dietary supplement under your tongue three times per day while the dietary caplets are to be taken twice per day.  According to the Tinnitus Control website, they suggest you take the products for several months in order to obtain long lasting relief from tinnitus symptoms.  When it comes to the question asked most often:  Most people simply want to know if the product actually works?  Like Lipoflavonoid, the results vary greatly.  Some people swear by the product and claim that it has completely cured their tinnitus, while others say that they have gotten no results at all from the use of the product.  One thing to make clear is that there are many different forms of tinnitus and different causes, and most tinnitus symptoms are simply that, symptoms that are created by other health problems.

If your tinnitus is caused by an issue that will respond positively to the ingredients found in Lipoflavonoid or Tinnitus Control, then you will very likely experience positive results from using these products.  On the other hand, if your underlying cause of tinnitus is not related to an issue that responds to these nutrients, then you will most likely notice little if any improvement in your tinnitus symptoms.  Also, some people have hearing damage can not be repaired by nutrients, and those people will likely receive no help from any type of tinnitus treatment options at the moment.  The only sure way to know how your tinnitus or body will react is to simply try them.  In most cases a few months supply is affordable, so other than the initial cost, there is very little risk.

A few people have reported side effects from Lipoflaonoid, so see our article on Lipoflavonoid side effects if you plan to take that product.  In regards to Tinnitus Control, we have yet to find any side effects in our research.  You should rest easy knowing that both products are approved by the FDA, and Lipoflavonoid has actually been on the market for over 40 years, which is quite impressive in our opinion.  If there was anything life threatening or that was harmful to your body in any meaningful way, there would surely be some signs of it appearing after 40 years on the market.

We will continue to try and gather information on Tinnitus Control and will post what we find at any time, so check back from time to time if interested in this product.  We are also looking for any feedback we can find, both positive or negative.  If you have used the product, we would like to hear your feedback, so please take a few moments to post your experience with it’s use.  There is no doubt that the company and their product is legitimate, so now worries there.  If you make the purchase, you will receive your product.

We don’t have any way to know if the product will work for you individually, other than by simply suggesting that you make a purchase and use the product and see what happens in return.  We hope that our Tinnitus Control product review has been helpful to you.  If you suffer from tinnitus, you will want to spend some time exploring our website, as we have all of the latest and most up to date innformation you can find on tinnitus, tinnitus causes, tinnitus symptoms and the search for a tinnitus cure, including current and ongoing research projects related to tinnitus research.

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Tinnitus Control Product Review

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