It’s not just us normal every day people that suffer from tinnitus symptoms.  This post is going to introduce you to Gaby Roslin.  We hope you an relate as this famous TV personality talks about her bout with tinnitus symptoms.  While the reasons we suffer from tinnitus may vary from person to person, the results are usually the same, and that’s the fact that we all usually suffer from that incessant ringing in the ears that is the most common tinnitus symptom.  In Gabby’s case, her tinnitus was brought on by a severe ear infection that caused her ear drum to burst.  While she doesn’t say she has recovered fully, she does indicate that her tinnitus has subsided with time.

Gabby Roslin Suffered From Tinnitus

Gabby Roslin Suffered From Tinnitus

We couldn’t help but notice the fact that Gabby believes in holistic health treatments, so we wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that her natural healing lifestyle has helped her tinnitus symptoms, although we want to be clear and say that she never indicates that to be the case.  She does talk about the fact that she believes in natural or holistic healing options for her health though, and we know that a natural or holistic approach is the one area where many people are able to cure tinnitus or at least improve their tinnitus symptoms.  It is very likely that Gabby’s holistic lifestyle choices have helped her with her tinnitus improvements.

Here is an excerpt from an article that we found at where Gabby Roslin talks about her ear problems and the subsequent bout of tinnitus that she dealt with as a result.

Broadcaster Gaby Roslin has told how she was left in agony when her eardrum burst following an infection, leading to temporary tinnitus and impaired hearing.

Now the 48-year-old mum to daughters Libbi-Jack, 11, and Amelie, five, follows a healthy routine so she and her family avoid similar ear problems.

Gaby said: “I’ve been wearing great big cans – earphones – for almost all of my 25-year broadcasting career, but before my right eardrum burst three years ago I’d never had hearing problems.

“In December 2009, I caught a really heavy, chesty cough that developed into a nasty ear infection.

“Despite blowing my nose furiously and attempting to clear the blocked sinuses and catarrh, I couldn’t shake it.

“My ear got more and more painful until one Thursday morning I woke up in agony and there was this fluid and blood and yuk stuck to my face and on the pillow. I was screaming in pain. It was like the worst toothache you can imagine, with earache on top.

“I had no idea what was wrong. The pain was so intense, but all I could see was this horrible gunge.

“It must have looked like a horror film. I woke up my fiancé, David, shouting, ‘Look at this blood’, and then the penny dropped. I must have burst my eardrum.

I called my GP who confirmed that was what had happened. The pressure of a big build-up of mucus from the infection had forced the skin of the ear drum to burst.

“You’d think releasing the pressure on the eardrum when it bursts would relieve the pain, but it doesn’t.  You can read the rest of the original article here.

Tinnitus certainly does not discriminate, and in fact, there are many other famous personalities that suffer from ringing ears as well.  Musicians tend to be one of the highest groups in which tinnitus strikes due to the long time abuse their ears receive in the form of loud music.  Because of this fact, many famous musicians claim to suffer from tinnitus or ringing ears.  Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Phil Collins and Pete Townshend all claim to suffer from tinnitus, and all have exposed their hearing to loud music for multiple years.

The real problem with tinnitus is that there are no warning signs and it doesn’t come on subtly in most cases.  It just appears and you then have it and in most case, you can’t get anyone to help you make it go away.  Because of this fact, most people don’t or won’t believe it can happen to them.  It just suddenly strikes one day and then it’s too late.  The lessons are hard learned, but if you don’t have tinnitus, then protect your ears and don’t expose them to loud sounds for extended periods of time.  If you have a suspected cold or blockage in your ear canal, then see a doctor immediately so as not to have a problem such as the one Gabby experienced.

If you already suffer from tinnitus or ringing ears, then it’s important that you understand that there may not be anything that will help you.  On the other hand, even if you have been told that there is no tinnitus cure, it doesn’t mean that you can not get help.  Spend some time on our site reading our information and suggestions, as there is help for many, even if not for everyone.  We wanted you to read about how this famous TV personality talks about her bout with tinnitus in an effort to educate you about tinnitus if you don’t have it, but also to help those that do have it to understand that they are not alone and that there is often help if they know where to look.

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