Most doctors will tell you that there is no cure for tinnitus.  In fact, most medical doctors will tell you that there is nothing that you can do to help reduce the ringing in your ears that is caused by tinnitus.  However, we are here to tell you that in may cases, you can get help, so get this highly respected doctor’s opinion on how to cure tinnitus, as maybe some of his suggestions might help you!  It’s very true that there is no universal cure for tinnitus, and it’s also true that some people have a form of tinnitus that will not respond to any type of tinnitus treatment options, but that doesn’t mean you can not get help with your tinnitus or ringing ears.

Doctors Opinion On Tinnitus Cure

Doctors Opinion On Tinnitus Cure

Our site is full of information on what tinnitus is, the different types of tinnitus and best of all, we have all of the latest information on how to treat tinnitus or reduce that awful ringing in the ears that comes with most tinnitus cases.  Anything we suggest on our site either comes highly recommended or we have even used it personally with positive results.  If something doesn’t work, we tell you like it is, but unfortunately, most of the options we discuss are hit and miss for different patients, so there is hardly ever a one size fits all remedy to help those that suffer with tinnitus to find a tinnitus cure.  The most important thing we want you to understand is that while there are no guarantees, that does not mean that you can not improve your quality of life and possibly even stop your tinnitus symptoms altogether.

Here is short excerpt as to what Dr. Paul Donohue had to say about a tinnitus cure at

Your doctor is right in saying that there is no universal cure for tinnitus (TIN-uh-tiss or tin-NITE-iss; you pick the pronunciation you like), but there are remedies that make the noise less of a nuisance.

People describe tinnitus as whistling, buzzing, chirping, hissing or pulsating constant noise whose intensity varies but never completely leaves. It’s tough to deal with, but something can be done for almost all those plagued by it.

Tinnitus often appears when hearing starts to wane. People with normal hearing, when put into a soundproof room will, in a short time, start hearing ear noises. The reason is that the background noise of daily life has been eliminated. Background noise suppresses ear-generated noise. When hearing becomes impaired even slightly, the background noise is eliminated, and people develop tinnitus. A hearing aid restores normal hearing and eliminates tinnitus for many.

If a hearing aid isn’t the answer, masking devices can dampen tinnitus. They’re worn like hearing aids, and they emit a constant sound that blunts tinnitus. At night, when tinnitus always gets louder, turning on a bedside radio to soothing music quiets tinnitus. If that doesn’t work, turn the dial to a position where static comes from the radio. That often makes tinnitus bearable.  You can read the entire original article here.

Understand that Dr. Donohue is a highly respected and board certified doctor with some very impressive credentials.  While he readily admits that there is no universal cure for tinnitus, he goes on to clearly state that you can indeed find relief from the ringing in the ears and often times get complete remission.  So, if your doctor or your own research has lead you to believe that there is nothing that can be done for you, then you should now understand that this might not necessarily be true.  Yes, you could be one of the tinnitus patients in which your tinnitus will not respond to any type of treatment, but in most cases, these people make up a small percentage of those diagnosed with tinnitus.

Tinnitus will respond to your environment or lifestyle, your diet and many other outside variables that you can easily change, so there is hope for everyone to find help until it is proven that your tinnitus will not respond to available tinnitus treatment options.  If ringing ears and other tinnitus problems are reducing the quality of your life, then be sure to spend some time on our website and explore all of the options and information that we have available.

We are constantly updating our website on an almost daily basis, and we are continually scouring the Internet and medical world for the latest and newest tinnitus treatment options, so book our website and come back often.  If you have never tried to use holistic options to treat your tinnitus, then we suggest you read this tinnitus treatment information, as it has helped many tinnitus users.  Remember to read all of the noted article so that you can get this highly respected doctor’s opinion on how to cure tinnitus.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised in many cases.

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