A tinnitus treatment option called Spectral Tinnitus Relief Therapy has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of Leicester in Great Britain.  This new tinnitus treatment option uses tinted light to treat the symptoms of tinnitus or ringing ears.  There is a competition in Great Britain that is known as the Great Britain Challenge, and the challenge is used to find pre-market products and inventions that display innovation while developed in Great Britain.  This tinnitus treatment concept has been chosen to be displayed for six weeks as part of the Great Britain Challenge, and visitors will vote for their favorite exhibit.

Spectral Tinnitus Relief Therapy

Spectral Tinnitus Relief Therapy

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot more information on spectral tinnitus relief therapy, so all we can do at this point is make you aware that it is being developed as a viable treatment option for ringing in the ears.  In addition, we can tell you that it used spectral or tinted lights as part of the treatment plan.  Beyond these facts, we just can’t tell you anything further.  What we will do is continue to monitor this possible new option that could be used to cure tinnitus in the near future.

Here is what we found in regards to spectral tinnitus relief therapy as it was posted at www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk.

An invention developed in Leicester to help treat people with tinnitus has gone on display at an exhibition in London.

The idea for Spectral Tinnitus Relief Therapy has been chosen as a finalist in the Make it in Great Britain Challenge, a competition to find the most innovative pre-market products, processes and concepts being developed in the UK.

The treatment, developed by a team from the University of Leicester, University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust and Orthoscopics, uses exposure to tinted light to treat tinnitus – a condition which causes the perception of ringing or buzzing in the ear.  You can find the rest of the original article here.

We will continue to monitor this along with any other tinnitus treatment options and report more when we have additional results or new information.  We even attempted to find some videos that might discuss Spectral Tinnitus Relief Therapy a bit further, but to no avail.  The researchers are being mum on any real details of this treatment option at this point, but that’s not uncommon for new research options when it comes to any type of medical related treatment, so this is not surprising.

You can find quite a bit of the most recent and up to date information on our website in regards to anything tinnitus related, so if you are interested in tinnitus or would like to find some legitimate tinnitus treatment recommendations, then we encourage you to spend some time reading here.  While there is no sure thing when it comes to tinnitus treatment or a tinnitus cure, there is often help that many people are completely unaware about.  That’s why we created this website and that’s why we try to continually update it and add all of the latest tinnitus information.

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