Lipo-Flavonoid Reviews

Lipoflavonoid, actually marketed as Lipo-Flavonoid and now Lipo-Flavanoid Plus, is a dietary supplement that was created and marketed towards people that suffer from Tinnitus and Meniere’s Syndrome.  Meniere’s Syndrome is also often known as Meniere’s Disease.  Both Tinnitus and Meniere’s Syndrome are problems with hearing and with one’s ear functions.  Tinnitus is a symptom that is caused by other problems and is more related to sounds such as ringing in the ears.  Meniere’s Syndrome has several different symptoms that include Vertigo or dizziness, pressure or fullness in the ear, low-frequency hearing loss and the typical Tinnitus symptom of ringing in the ears.   We are happy to provide you with these Lipoflavonoid reviews in order to help you determine If Lipo-flavonoid might be helpful in treating and improving your symptoms for tinnitus or Meniere’s Syndrome.

Lipoflavonoid was created in the 1960’s as a nutritional supplement that helps support the improvement of circulation in the inner ear, which in theory should help relieve many of the symptoms of Meniere’s Syndrome and Tinnitus symptoms. Lipoflavonoid contains no prescription medications and consists only of natural ingredients, which consists mostly of vitamins such as a C and B vitamins which have been shown to improve the symptoms of both Meniere’s Syndrome and Tinnitus.  Most of the ingredients in Lipoflavonoid have had studies conducted on them individually and all have shown to help with the effects of inner ear problems.  The combination of these different ingredients gives us Lipoflavonoid, and it is marketed as having a synergistic effect from the combination of these important inner ear enhancing ingredients. 

As of the time of this writing, the only precautions on Lipoflavonoid side effects that I found were when using the product with acyclovir oral medications.  Other than avoiding the use of Lipo-flavonoid with oral acyclovir, one should probably watch for the usual side effects that are known to come about when over dosing the body on vitamins.  These symptoms can include vomiting, stomach pain, bloody diarrhea, hair loss, weight loss, headaches, easy bruising or bleeding, muscle and joint pain and a tingly feeling in the mouth.  As with any new regimen, it is always best to consult with a physician if you have any health issues that might be affected by taking Lipo-flavonoid.

Lipo-flavonoid and Lipo-flavonoid plus is a product of DSE Healthcare Solutions, LLC.  This same company also offers many other health related products, so they do not necessarily specialize in Lipo-Flavonoid or health products related solely to inner ear functions.  You can purchase Lipoflavonoid directly from DSE Healthcare or over the counter at several popular retailers such as Wal-Mart, CVS Drugs, Rite Aid and Walgreens. There are also several online marketers of Lipo-flavonoid, so it can be ordered from home if you are interested in giving the product a try.  Lipoflavonoid is not recommended for children under the age of 12, and the recommended dosage for adults is six tablets per day.  The manufacturer claims that it will take three to six months to begin seeing improvement from taking Lipo-Flavonoid.  Because Lipoflavonoid has been marketed for over 40 years now, it is very doubtful that there are any negative Lipoflavonoid side effects if taken as directed.  After all, Lipo-flavonoid consist of vitamins and minerals, so it should have a similar effect on your body as you would get from taking any other over the counter multi-vitamin.

I am a Tinnitus sufferer myself, thus my interest in Lipoflavonoid.  I have just begin taking the product (I am taking Lipoflavonoid plus), so I cannot truthfully say if there is a benefit or not since I have not taken it long enough for it to have any real effects yet. However, there are some great reviews to be found all over the Internet in regards to positive results from taking Lipoflavonoid.  Remember, Lipoflavonoid has been on the market for over 40 years, so for a product to last that long and still be selling, I would assume that it must have some positive effects as claimed.  I would welcome any feedback that you might have personally as well, so I invite anyone that has used Lipoflavonoid to forward us your comments and thoughts so that we can post them here or our website.  Let us know if you have encountered any Lipoflavonoid side effects so that we can report on that with some additional authority.  Thanks for visiting our Tinnitus Cure website and for taking the time to read our Lipoflavonoid reviews.