First, there is no definitive tinnitus cure for most people.  While some people have tinnitus symptoms that are less severe and easier to control, many have a form of tinnitus that does not respond to any type of current tinnitus treatment options, and for those people, your best option is to learn how to cope with your tinnitus symptoms.  As a tinnitus sufferer, I know how crippling the symptoms can be at times, and it can and will drive you crazy at certain times in your life.

Natural Sounds For Masking

Natural Sounds For Masking

What I have found though is that my tinnitus does indeed respond when I create the proper environment and work at reducing my stress while eliminating certain foods that aggravate my ringing ears.  Not everyone is so lucky, but if you have not yet tried some of the behavioral therapy options, then you may be missing out on the one and only thing that will help you with your tinnitus issues.  There have been several studies in recent years that have clearly shown that there is an increase in the quality of life for those that learn to cope with their tinnitus through behavioral changes versus those that allow their tinnitus to go unchecked.

Here is what we found at in regards to some of the steps you can take to learn to cope with your tinnitus symptoms.

Step 1

Learn how to cope with the sounds in your ears by going through cognitive-behavioral therapy. During cognitive behavioral therapy, a therapist teaches you how to train your mind to react less negatively to the tinnitus sounds. After reviewing multiple scientific studies on cognitive-behavioral therapy and tinnitus, the ENT Department at John Radcliffe Hospital concluded that cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven beneficial for tinnitus sufferers.

Step 2

Attend a tinnitus support group where you can share your feelings with others who understand what you are going through and discuss different coping techniques that are working for people in the group.

Step 3

Undergo tinnitus retraining therapy, commonly called TRT, with an audiologist. TRT was invented by Professor Pawel J. Jastreboff. It combines educational counseling about tinnitus with sound therapy using in-the-ear noise generators that produce broadband white noise. In-the-ear noise generators look like and are worn like hearing aids. The goal of Jastreboff’s TRT is not to simply mask tinnitus sounds; the therapy habituates the auditory system to noise, making tinnitus noises less noticeable to the wearer. Combination hearing aid and sound generator devices are available for tinnitus suffers who also have hearing loss. TRT following Jastreboff’s protocol is a more effective treatment for tinnitus than sound masking, Phillips JS, McFerran D. wrote in “Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) for Tinnitus”, published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Step 4

Mask tinnitus noises when they are bothering you by listening to music or a white noise machine, commonly called sleep machines. An alternative to using a white noise machine is to turn a fan on in your room. The constant “shh” sounds fans make sound similar to the noise produced by white noise machines.  You can read the rest of the original article here.

Most people suffer the most from ringing in the ears when they are in a quite atmosphere, such as when they are trying to sleep or rest.  This is where masking techniques can really make a difference for you.  Be sure to read our masking article if you are not familiar with masking are have never tried to use masking to reduce your tinnitus symptoms.  Not only can the masking help stop the ringing in your ears, but it will often reduce your stress levels as well, which further eliminates some tinnitus symptoms, since stress often exaggerates many peoples tinnitus symptoms, so it is a win, win situation in many cases.

We have many different options for treating tinnitus, and some of them work for some people, while some of them won’t work at all for others.  Masking is fairly standard, and there are few people that don’t get some benefits from it, so definitely consider it if you have not done so already.  Other than that, you can start with the 4 steps we listed above.  You should spend some time reading the other posts here on our website, as you can learn just about anything about tinnitus and the treatment of tinnitus right here.  We also suggest and review many different tinnitus treatment options, so maybe you can find something here that will help you to improve your tinnitus symptoms.  If you have tried all of the top options without success, then it’s imperative that you learn how to cope with your tinnitus symptoms in order to improve your quality of life.

Masking Your Tinnitus Symptoms

Masking Your Tinnitus Symptoms

While there is quite a bit of research going on in this area, it’s been widely reported that cognitive behavioral therapy helps improve tinnitus symptoms, and that actually gives Tinnitus Miracle a lot of additional credit as a legitimate tinnitus treatment option since it is based on similar treatment options at cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT as we will call it going forward.  As with most tinnitus treatment options, CBT does not cure tinnitus.  It simply helps patients manage the symptoms, most notably the ringing in the ears that many tinnitus patients perceive.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Tinnitus

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Tinnitus

A recent dutch study showed that those patients that received CBT along with the standard tinnitus therapy options fared better than those that did not receive CBT along with their standard tinnitus therapy.  Since it was only a 12 month study, it’s hard to say if the results are lasting, but those patients that did receive the CBT therapy reported improved quality of life and reduced severity or impairment that was a direct result of their tinnitus.  Overall, this is one of the few legitimate options for many people that suffer from tinnitus or ringing ears.

Here is what we found on CBT at

People with tinnitus have been “advised to listen to the sea to cure ringing in ears”, according to Metro, the free commuters’ newspaper. Its story, which may seem comforting only to sailors and fishermen, is based on a new study that explored how best to help patients with tinnitus, a common distressing condition that causes a constant ringing or other noise in the ears.

The yearlong Dutch trial gave adults with tinnitus a standard package of care or a program which added cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to elements of standard therapy for tinnitus. CBT is a type of therapy that challenges people’s negative assumptions and feelings to help them overcome their worries. Compared with those given usual care, the group receiving specialized treatment reported improved quality of life, and reduced severity and impairment caused by tinnitus.

This well-designed study found that using CBT alongside elements of standard therapy can help patients with tinnitus of varying severity. However, the differences in outcomes between the two groups were quite small, and this technique can only help manage tinnitus rather than curing it, as some papers implied. Also, the patients in the study were followed for only 12 months, so it is unclear whether this approach can help in the longer term.

Nevertheless, this is a promising step towards more effective management of this troubling condition.

The study was carried out by researchers from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, the University of Leuven in Belgium, Bristol University and Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. It was funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW). The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet.

Many of the press headlines mentioned that listening to the sound of the sea could help tinnitus, with the Metro claiming this could cure the condition. However, sound therapies that try to neutralize tinnitus using soothing sounds, such as waves or birdsong, are not new, but are part of standard treatments for this condition. Also, the report in the Lancet did not state what kind of sounds were used as therapy. Sound therapy was not the only treatment approach used, but was given as part of a specialized treatment program delivered by expert health professionals.  You can read the rest of the original article here.

We have reported recently on other similar studies, but we have also gotten some really good feedback from many tinnitus patients that have use Tinnitus Miracle, which is a five step program that uses holistic methods along with changes in the diet that bring about similar results as CBT as claimed by many patients.  We have used the program personally, so we can vouch that we did indeed see an improved quality of life much like those that received the CBT therapy.  While the product won’t work for everyone, as some people have damage to their ears that simply will not respond to any type of current tinnitus treatment options.

Usually the only way you will know if a specific product will work for you is through trial and error.  The great thing about Tinnitus Miracle is that it comes with a great 60 day money back guarantee, and 60 days should give you enough time to evaluate how the program is working for you.  If there are not improvements before the 60 day guarantee is up, simply ask for a refund.  It’s our understanding that there are very few refunds, so that should tell you something about the product as well.  If you have the money and the time, then you might consider contacting a local therapist to see if they have any experience in CBT therapy for tinnitus symptoms.

While there may not be a tinnitus cure, there is help for your tinnitus symptoms, so don’t suffer needlessly.  Unless you have already tried it, there is proof that cognitive behavioral therapy helps improve tinnitus symptoms, so maybe it’s worth the time on your part to look into this option for your tinnitus symptoms?  Also, don’t forget about our suggestion for Tinnitus Miracle, as it works in a similar fashion and it is an affordable option to seeing a therapist.

We continue to get a lot of questions about the product “Tinnitus Control,” so we decided to so some research and give a tinnitus control product review.  At first glance, Tinnitus Control appears to be a similar tinnitus treatment option as to Lipoflavonoid, in that the products are natural made up of natural ingredients and dietary supplements .  The premise behind these types of products is that by combining individual nutrients and vitamins that are all proven to help relieve tinnitus symptoms, the user will experience a synergistic effect from the combination of ingredients, and thus see an improvement in their overall tinnitus symptoms, particularly an improvement of the ringing in the ears experienced by many tinnitus sufferers.

Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus Control is made up of both a pill form and a spray form, and each provides your body with different ingredients.  The ingredients in the pill include the dietary supplments Zinc, Deodorized garlic and Ginkgo Biloba (see our article on Gingko Biloba), which are actually much different than the ingredients found in Lipoflanonoid, so the comparison quickly ends once you get past the fact that both are simply a combination of supplements that are believed to help improve the symptoms of tinnitus.  The actual spray portion of Tinnitus control contains Arnica 30x, Chininum Sulphuricum, Kali Phoshporicum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Pulsatilla, Silicea and Thiosinaminum.

Lipoflavonoids actually come in a pill form only, while Tinnitus Control has both the pills and a spray that you spray into the mucosal lining in your mouth.  One thing that strikes us as a positive with Tinnitus Control is the fact that it is a spray, as dietary supplements have been proven to much more easily absorbed and used by the body when they enter through the mucosal areas of the mouth.

The suggested use of the product is to spray the dietary supplement under your tongue three times per day while the dietary caplets are to be taken twice per day.  According to the Tinnitus Control website, they suggest you take the products for several months in order to obtain long lasting relief from tinnitus symptoms.  When it comes to the question asked most often:  Most people simply want to know if the product actually works?  Like Lipoflavonoid, the results vary greatly.  Some people swear by the product and claim that it has completely cured their tinnitus, while others say that they have gotten no results at all from the use of the product.  One thing to make clear is that there are many different forms of tinnitus and different causes, and most tinnitus symptoms are simply that, symptoms that are created by other health problems.

If your tinnitus is caused by an issue that will respond positively to the ingredients found in Lipoflavonoid or Tinnitus Control, then you will very likely experience positive results from using these products.  On the other hand, if your underlying cause of tinnitus is not related to an issue that responds to these nutrients, then you will most likely notice little if any improvement in your tinnitus symptoms.  Also, some people have hearing damage can not be repaired by nutrients, and those people will likely receive no help from any type of tinnitus treatment options at the moment.  The only sure way to know how your tinnitus or body will react is to simply try them.  In most cases a few months supply is affordable, so other than the initial cost, there is very little risk.

A few people have reported side effects from Lipoflaonoid, so see our article on Lipoflavonoid side effects if you plan to take that product.  In regards to Tinnitus Control, we have yet to find any side effects in our research.  You should rest easy knowing that both products are approved by the FDA, and Lipoflavonoid has actually been on the market for over 40 years, which is quite impressive in our opinion.  If there was anything life threatening or that was harmful to your body in any meaningful way, there would surely be some signs of it appearing after 40 years on the market.

We will continue to try and gather information on Tinnitus Control and will post what we find at any time, so check back from time to time if interested in this product.  We are also looking for any feedback we can find, both positive or negative.  If you have used the product, we would like to hear your feedback, so please take a few moments to post your experience with it’s use.  There is no doubt that the company and their product is legitimate, so now worries there.  If you make the purchase, you will receive your product.

We don’t have any way to know if the product will work for you individually, other than by simply suggesting that you make a purchase and use the product and see what happens in return.  We hope that our Tinnitus Control product review has been helpful to you.  If you suffer from tinnitus, you will want to spend some time exploring our website, as we have all of the latest and most up to date innformation you can find on tinnitus, tinnitus causes, tinnitus symptoms and the search for a tinnitus cure, including current and ongoing research projects related to tinnitus research.

We were able to procure a deal with the manufacturer of Tinnitus Control where you can get a great price with a free bottle as well, so follow the link below for the special deal.


Tinnitus Control Product Review

It’s true:  Stress, anxiety and even diet can affect Tinnitus.  Learn how your environment and lifestyle may be contributing your your ringing ears, but best of all, learn how you may be able to improve your tinnitus symptoms by changing your environment and lifestyle.  It’s true that there is no real cure for most people that suffer from tinnitus.  However, there are some people that have tinnitus or ringing in the ears that are a direct result of stress and anxiety that is brought on by their environment.  There are also others that suffer from tinnitus and ringing ears because of the foods that they place in their bodies.

Improve Your Life - Cure Tinnitus

Improve Your Life – Cure Tinnitus

Hopefully you understand where this is going, and if your lifestyle or environment play any part in the onset of your tinnitus symptoms, then there is definitely some help out there that could benefit your greatly.  Even some forms of prescription and non prescription medications can bring on tinnitus symptoms, so see this article if you suspect that medications might be a problem for you and your hearing issues.  Understand though, some forms of tinnitus are caused by irreversible damage to your hearing and possibly your inner ears, and in those cases, there simply is nothing that can be done to help your tinnitus at the moment, although there is certainly some exciting research going on as we speak that could bring a breakthrough for those people very soon.

There are also some masking solutions that will help people to learn to relax or sleep even with severed ringing in the ears, so don’t overlook any masking options if you have not yet given that a try.  Here is what had to say about a tinnitus cure when it comes to environment and lifestyle in a recent article.

You will find as many ringing in ears treatments as there are kinds of tinnitus, or at least near to it. There are many kinds of tinnitus and various kinds of symptoms experienced by ears ringing sufferers. Some years back, there were zero real treatments regarding tinnitus. Many professionals in the industry considered that tinnitus was brought on by ear damage that can not be fixed.

We now know which this is not the truth at all. Several tinnitus is a result of stress or nervousness and all ears ringing can be made worse by stress and anxiety nevertheless this doesn’t suggest that there is nothing at all which can be completed about it. You don’t have to suffer with your own tinnitus symptoms throughout your life. You lack to just discover how to live with the idea.

Once you learn more to do with the types of treatments that exist, you will end up better able to decide the one that fits your needs. You should speak to your doctor about the available choices. It’s also essential to try to determine what caused your current tinnitus. This is a good initial step to finding the right ringing in the ears treatments.  Since you right now know that there are various tinnitus treatments offered, what are that they? How do you figure out which treatment selection is best for your requirements?  See the entire original article here.

The best treatment options available for stress and improper eating are to find a natural or holistic form of treatment, and we have looked at several of the best options already.  We found one product that stood out, mostly because we had success with it ourselves, but more so because of the fact that many others also had success by using these holistic remedies.  Believe it or not, some foods contribute to stress and anxiety, so by eliminating those foods, it then becomes much easier to eliminate the stress in your life too.

By creating a healthy eating plan that eliminates foods that cause your ears to ring, while also using some very easy holistic options to further reduce your tension and stressful lifestyle, you can then begin to see real reductions in your tinnitus symptoms, particularly the dreaded ringing in the ears that is so debilitating for many people.  Again, not everyone has severed tinnitus symptoms that are related directly to stress, lifestyle and foods, so there is no guarantee that these processes can help you.  However, you often will not know without giving it a try.

We are going to provide you with a link to the best product we know when it comes to treating tinnitus holistically and with diet.  Better yet, there is a money back guarantee, so you can try the product with no risk.  If it works for you, then you can continue to use the strategies, but if it does not work for you and you don’t see results within 60 days, you can return the product for a full refund with no questions asked!  Don’t let tinnitus continue to reduce your quality of life without giving this product a try.  Since it has a 100% guarantee, there is literally no risk, so why not try it today?  Learn how your environment and lifestyle may be contributing your your ringing ears, and possibly reverse your problems for good!

Cure Tinnitus With Lifestyle And Eating Changes

Get Your Life Back Today! Don’t continue to suffer from tinnitus.

We have already posted a lipoflavonoid review, so if you have not seen it yet, we urge you to read that information as well.  Since we get a lot of requests for information on using lipoflavonoid to help cure tinnitus, we thought we would add more user reviews and feedback on the side effects of lipoflavonoid use.  While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are some effective ways to treat tinnitus symptoms.  While we get reports of success in treating tinnitus and the problem of ringing in the ears, what works for some people will not work for others.  There are also some forms of tinnitus that are caused by hearing damage in which the ringing in your ears will not respond to any type of treatment, so know this up front before attempting any kind of tinnitus treatment options.

While some people swear by the use of Lipoflavonoid to help reduce their ringing ears, others claim that they get no benefit at all.  We suspect that some people do have nutrient or vitamin deficiencies that will lead to increased tinnitus symptoms, and it is these individuals that can benefit from the use of Lipoflavonoid as it is a combination of several different nutrients and vitamins that have proven to help improve tinnitus symptoms in individual studies.  When you combine the ingredients, they often have a synergistic effect for improving the tinnitus symptoms of some individuals.  The only way you will know for certain if it works for you is to simply try it.

For those of you that are interested in Lipoflavonoid or if you simply want more information on it, we have pulled together this list of reviews and side effects that have been reported by actual users.  You will find that the results are mixed, which some swearing by Lipoflavonoid, while others claim no improvement at all.  Here is what we found on some great lipoflavonoid information at


I have been using lipoflavinoid for tinnitus for over 3 months and no noticable change. the ringing in my ear is the same


I was so excited that something might help the tinnitus that I experienced due to severe TMJ. I took the maximum dose for three weeks. During the last few nights I am waking up trying to take a normal breath. I have to sit up in bed trying to get air. Now I am reading the other warnings from other web sites and difficulty breathing is a dangerous side effect…why is this on the market with no warnings???? I will stop taking this immediately and hope others will do this. By the way, the ringing did seem to be getting better, but so is my TMJ so I don’t know if this helped or not.


Ihave had vertigo so bad all the time to where I felt miserable all the time. I was told about Lipo-flavonoid. I have been on it a month now. I had to change from taking it three times a day to two times a day. If I took it at night I could not go to sleep. Since I have been on this my Vertigo has improved 150%….. I am so thankful for this. How ever I am having a time with constipation now which is no fun. My stomach stays very swollen and that makes me very uncomfortable. Over all though the main thing is to help my vertigo so I can function and this truly does. Oh yeah it has gave me a ton of energy which is a good thing to. I would recommend this to anyone!!!


I have been taking this for about 2 months, and have noticed some reduction in the level of the ringing in my ears. I wasn’t sure if it was the lipo that was responsible or if it was a placebo effect, until I missed a couple doses and the ringing came back as loud as ever. I also haven’t had a Meniere’s attack since I started taking it, but I can’t say if that has anything to do with it either. I wish there was more research on Meniere’s to prove or disprove some treatment besides benzodiazepines which make me sleepy all the time!


I took 1 pill;1 hr. later and I was cleaning kitchen fan sand felt strange sensation in left leg. Got down and discovered bluish color down whole leg. Laid down and gone in 10 min. Not taking another pill! Wasted $30.

no effect


it gave me sharp pains in one side of my head.


Feeling dizzy, with nausea. In addition, I’ve experienced trouble with irregular bowl movements. I’ve noticed little, if any relief from tinnitus, with this supplement.


I took lipo-flavonoid for 6 months with no results at all waste of money.


After 3 days, I am staggering around dizzy and nauseated. I can hardly walk. I accessed this site to see if others had the same problem. Apparently others do.

After 3 double doses I had extreme nausea and woke with a terrific headache and my ears were hurting. This supplement should not be sold without warnings! Thanks FDA.

Blood in urine


The Ringing In my Ears Only stops when I take 10mg of Valium 3 times a Day. The Lipo-Flavonoid Does Nothing to stop the Ringing!

I took this supplement for the annoying ringing in both of my ears which has bothered me for many years. I went by the dosage instructions for one month, however, when I began experiencing stomach cramps I decreased the dosage to half and continued taking for two more months (I was desperate for something to help eliminate the ringing in my ears and the instructions said it would take for 3-6 months before seeing improvement). I had to stop taking it after three months. The ringing in my ears did not improve and the cramping in my stomach increased. I did go to my doctor who agreed I should stop and said it could take 6 weeks for this supplement to get it out of my system. It has now been two months since I stopped taking it and the stomach cramps have disappeared. I was very disappointed that I saw no improvement in this most frustrating and annoying condition.

Began taking this supplement over 4 months ago. If anything the severe ringing in my ears is even worse than before. This supplement has done absolutely nothing to lessen the ringing. I have been taking the maximum suggested dosage.


I have been had tinnitus for the last 9 months due to a virus i suffered. I lost my hearing completely in me left ear and have had this god awful ringing. I heard about lipoflavonoid and thought maybe sure give it a try and tho still have ringing in my ears it’s a lot more controlled then it was before. Therefore I am glad I have been using it…..don’t know for sure if it was the Lipoflavonoid or maybe just that the nerves in my ears are healing…….either way something appears to be working so thought maybe I will stay on it for another couple months and see how it goes.


Experienced intense heartburn / acid reaction , took less than prescribed two days ago ; now am having severe rectal pain ; as though i’d ingested a dozen jalapenos. Not good. My vertigo is worse than it was before i took this medicine although i don’t contribute the worsening of my illness to this “SUPPLEMENT” , it added another problem which i didn’t need, cannot recommend this to anyone and think there should be a warning label on the bottle. SOME PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TAKE THIS !


Stopped my ringing completely in about two months.  I thought all was good, so I stopped taking it only to see the symptoms return within a week, so I started taking Lipoflavonoid again and the ringing stopped again, so I feel certain that the Lipoflavonoid has been the key for my complete reversal.

While there appears to be more negative feedback than positive feedback, we must make you aware that normally only those that have issues will give feedback.  The positive users don’t report nearly as much or as often, but we know for a fact that some people do experience positive results from the use of Lipoflavonoids for ringing ears.  In fact, we have been testing this product ourselves with no negative side affects.  We have a family member that has been taking it for about 90 days now, and the ringing has completely stopped in one ear, while there has been only a small improvement in the other ear, although the ringing does seem to be much less noticeable in that ear as well.  We will continue to report back over time as to our lipoflavonoid user results.

One other thing that we noticed was that many of the people complaining of side effects were taking more than the recommended dosages, so read the label and take as directed and do NOT increase your dosages.  If you do experience any kind of side effects, stop taking the product immediately.  As with any health treatment options, we suggest you visit your doctor first for advice before taking any medication or supplements.  We will continue to look for more user reviews and feedback on side effects of lipoflavonoid use, so check back in the near future to see if we have update our website with additional information or details.

In closing, in addition to using Lipoflavonoid, we actually recommend that our users look into natural or holistic options to tread their tinnitus symptoms.  We have found this option offers better results in the treatment of tinnitus than any other treatment option.  If you are interested in giving Lipoflavonoid or Lipoflavonoid Plus a try, we have provided a link below to the best prices we have found online.