He has his good days and his bad days, but like all of the rest of us, tinnitus sufferer Simon Godfrey awaits a tinnitus cure.  In the mean time, he deals with his tinnitus symptoms as best he can and moves forward with his life.  The condition is not without it’s costs though, and Simon has announced that he and his band Tinyfish will no longer perform any more live shows as a results of his worsening tinnitus condition.

Tinyfish And Tinnitus

Tinyfish And Tinnitus

Unlike most musicians who suffer from tinnitus as a result of their prolonged contact with loud noises, Godfrey said his tinnitus came on as a result of an assault in which he was struck in the head with a bottle.  There are many reasons for tinnitus symptoms, and while most occur due to prolonged exposure to loud noises, you can obviously acquire tinnitus through injury to your head and ears as well.

Here is what we found on this subject that was posted at www.classicrockmagazine.com.

Tinyfish will play their last live show at the Celebr8 festival in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England, under headliners It bites and IQ.

Vocalist, guitarist and studio drummer Simon Godfrey contracted hearing problems as the result of an assault in 2001, during which he was struck on the head with a bottle.

The condition, often described as “ringing in the ears” is shared by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and Who guitarist Pete Townshend, among others. Its side-effects include severe emotional problems – last year amateur guitarist Robert McIndoe committed suicide after contracting tinnitus at a Them Crooked Vultures concert.

Now Godfrey’s tinnitus has become so bad that it’s forced him to stop playing live – but his bandmates have decided not to replace him.

He tells Classic Rock: “Tinyfish choosing to bow out at Celebr8 is a way of acknowledging promoter John ‘Twang’ Patrick. We love the guy to bits, both personally and for what he’s done for our genre.

“To be honest we only formed the band so we could get into see bands like It Bites, IQ, Pallas, the Tangent and Magenta for free, and they’re all playing Celebr8. We’re lucky bastards.

“The band have been very supportive and understanding of my condition. I’d be lying if I didn’t say they were gutted to see Tinyfish cease to function as a live entity. I did offer to leave the band, but they dismissed that as an option.

“It’s our hope to continue in some form, possibly a studio-only act, but we’re waiting until after the final show to discuss it properly.”

Godfrey says tinnitus made a huge impact on his art from the moment he began suffering. Symptoms vary from victim to victim, but he describes his as “a constant ringing in my ears which forms a background chord of tones. Every few weeks, I have attacks of extreme bursts noise which can last anything between a few seconds to a few days, which is probably the worst aspect.  You can read the rest of the original article here.

If you are a fan of Godfrey or Tinyfish, then do not get discouraged about this just yet.  According to Godfrey, even though the band will no longer perform live, he will continue to work on his music through wring and performing in the studio, so this is not necessarily the end of the music these guys are making.

What is disappointing is that this is the loss of something enjoyable by many people due to a debilitating condition known as tinnitus, of which there is currently no known cure for those that suffer from the symptoms.  The most notable symptoms are a ringing noise in the ears that is not really there.  The sound is normally a phantom sound that is only perceived by the brain, when in reality, there is no ringing sound at all.

For some people this ringing in the ears is nothing more than a small nuisance, while for others the noise is deafening and it actually affects the quality of their life in ways such as this has affected Godfrey.  If you suffer from tinnitus, then you have certainly come to right website.  We have extensive information on tinnitus and the search for a tinnitus cure here on our site.  Spend some time reading our information along with some of the top suggestions we have found for treating the symptoms of tinnitus, some of which work quite well!

As tinnitus sufferer Simon Godrey awaits a tinnitus cure, we will continue to follow these stories and report on any new breakthroughs in the research and development to find a tinnitus cure.

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