If you suffer from subjective tinnitus, which is the medical term for ringing of the ears, then you should know that there is no definitive medical cure for this often troubling and life altering complication.  There are several Tinnitus Remedies that bring success to helping eliminate this complicated malady, but every individual responds a bit differently in almost every case, so what works for one individual, may not work for another.

Today I would like to discuss “tinnitus masking”, which is a technique that simply replaces the annoying sounds of tinnitus with a sound that is more pleasant and soothing.  Your brain is actually very capable of eliminating external sounds, but it has a much more difficult time in doing the same with ringing in the ears.  By using a masker, or an external noise, many people can often eliminate tinnitus completely, so it is one of the great tinnitus remedies.

Before using any method of tinnitus treatment, make sure that you consult a qualified physician to rule out the objective form of tinnitus which is usually caused by a true medical condition.  Tinnitus can actually be caused by physical problems, so it’s important to rule that out first.  Ear infections, medications, tumors and even poor circulation are just a few of the causes of objective tinnitus.  Unlike the subjective version of tinnitus, which can only be heard by the patient, object tinnitus can actually be heard by your doctor with a special listening device.  Be sure to consult your doctor to rule out objective tinnitus before attempting masking or any other subjective tinnitus treatment program.

If you are certain that your tinnitus is of the subjective version, then masking could be a possible alternative for you.  While there are actually several commercial products that can help you with masking, we recommend that you do some testing at home first in order to see if this process brings you any relief.  There are several inexpensive or free tinnitus masking options you can try at home first, so give these a test run before spending your money on any expensive sound equipment.

Start by testing some items around your house.  Try running water from the faucet or shower.  You might also trying finding a blank station on an FM radio and experimenting with the sound level of that white noise and see if it helps.  Many people have found that running a fan or air filter in the background at night helps mask out their tinnitus.  If you find that these sounds work for you, yet cause problems for your spouse or other loved ones, then try recording the sound and playing it over and over on an MP3 player with head or ear phones.

If you find that this masking technique brings relief, then you may want to consider purchasing some of the commercial forms of high quality audio CDs.  You can find almost any form of relaxing sounds you can imagine, so if sleeping in the rain forest at night with all the sounds of nature appeals to you and helps reduce that irritating sound in your ears, then that option and many others are available to you.  One of our recommended tinnitus remedies for tinnitus masking is below and you can check it out by clicking on the image.

Many sufferers of tinnitus also have some amount of hearing loss as well.  If you have tinnitus symptoms accompanied by hearing loss, then you might consider one of our other tinnitus remedies.  By combining a hearing loss device with a masking device, some people are able to improve both their hearing and gain relief from their ringing ears simultaneously.  There is actually a small instrument that is designed for this very purpose and it can be worn at all times behind your ear and it offers great tinnitus relief.  The device works by enhancing external sounds, while also emitting a masking sound for your ringing ears.  If you think this tinnitus relief option might work for you, then you can visit an audiologist who can fit you with an instrument that is designed for your specific degree of hearing loss and the best masking for your tinnitus symptoms.

If masking tinnitus does not work for you, there are also several holistic Tinnitus Remedies that bring success when used to treat tinnitus symptoms.  If you would like to learn more about any tinnitus cure and many of the available tinnitus treatments, you can go continue to look over our website where this information is available for free.  Don’t allow tinnitus symptoms to ruin your quality of life.  While there may not be a medical cure for subjective tinnitus, there are available options for reducing the negative affects it can have on your overall quality-of-life.  Take action today and find one of our tinnitus remedies that works for you!

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