If you are looking for answers for tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatment options, then you will want to continue reading this post.  Hyperacusis, also known as hypercousis, is another problem that is closely related to tinnitus and auditory problems related to the inner ear.  Hyperacusis sufferers have difficulty dealing with certain everyday sounds that do not affect the normal population.  It is believed that hyperacusis is brought on by damage to the auditory nerve of the inner ear, specifically related to damage to the auditory nerve while the hair cells that help with normal hearing remain intact and working properly.  In laymen terms, the problem is more perceived than real due to the way the brain processes the sound.  There is also another form of hyperacusis that is called vestibular hyperacusis and in this instance the brain also perceives sound as motion, when it is actually only sound waves.  Since hyperacusis is brought on by damage to the ears from over exposure to loud noises, it’s very similar to many forms of tinnitus.  Because tinnitus is a symptom rather than a disease itself, you cannot cure tinnitus through surgery or medications.  For this reason, hyperacusis and vestibular hyperacusis are often lumped in with all other forms of tinnitus since the tinnitus symptoms can be reduced or eliminated using specific holistic techniques.      

Another more specific form of tinnitus is pulsatile tinnitus.  It get’s it’s name because the sounds people hear resemble the sound of their heartbeat in their ear, and it can come and go or be intermittent.  Like other forms of tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus is nothing more than a symptom, and it’s important that you see a doctor to rule out more serious problems such as aneurysms, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and even tumors of the inner ear.  These are all issues that could create pulsatile tinnitus.  Once you have been cleared by your doctor of any serious health issues that might cause your pulsatile tinnitus, you can follow our general recommendations that we give to cure tinnitus for non-serious health risks. If you suffer from pulsatile tinnitus, go visit your family physician today to make sure your tinnitus symptoms are not serious.

Tonal tinnitus can be the worst type since it is a continuous ringing or buzzing or other high pitched sound in the ear.  About 6% of the population complains from what is considered serious tonal tinnitus. The sound can be so loud and because it is unending, any time they try to rest or sleep or even find quietness, it is almost impossible because of the continuous ringing in the ears.   

Muscular tinnitus is another type of tinnitus which is caused by spasms of the two muscles that are attached to the bones of the middle ear and Eustachian tube.  Muscular tinnitus is less common, but it affects some portion of the population and can be just as annoying and often as debilitating as any other form of tinnitus.

Vascular Tinnitus is very similar to pulsatile tinnitus and is normally one of the tinnitus symptoms that is brought on by vascular problems that occur in or very near the inner ear and ear drum.   As with all forms of tinnitus treatment, once you have ruled out any serious medical condition that might be creating your tinnitus symptoms, you can then begin treating your problems following our tinnitus treatment options.

As you continue to read through the information that we have gathered regarding tinnitus remedies or tinnitus treatment here at My Cure Tinnitus, know and understand that this website and these tinnitus relief recommendations originally came about because I am a tinnitus sufferer myself.  I have had tinnitus symptoms for over ten years.  My initial tinnitus symptoms begin in my left ear, and eventually moved into in my right ear as well.  Over time, the ringing in my ears continued to worsen so that’s when I begin to learn all that I could about tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatment.  I have either used these tinnitus remedies personally, or received reliable feedback that the user found the tinnitus treatment to be effective.  Understand that depending on the root causes of your tinnitus that there may honestly be no help for you with any of our recommendations.  However, many people really do see improvements and some achieve almost complete relief using some of these recommended approaches.  Just understand that everyone is different and your treatment approach may need to be different as well.

I recommend that you start by taking lipoflavnoid, as it is rich in nutrients and ingredients that often offer longer term relief from many tinnitus symptoms.  Lipoflavnoid has helped hundreds of people reduce the symptoms of constant ringing in the ears, and there have been scientific studies that show many sufferers of Meniere’s syndrome are deficient in several of the important nutrients found in lipoflavnoid.  In addition to taking the lipoflavnoid supplements, I also highly recommend one of several natural or holistic treatments that are available. My number one choice is Tinnitus Miracle, but only because I have used it personally and it worked for me.  I have also received great feedback on a few other tinnitus remedies that you can find on our website as well. 

While there is no certain cure for tinnitus, there really are answers for your tinnitus causes and tinnitus treatment options that work for many people.  Anything you find on our site has been tested and found to be positive tinnitus remedies, so I am comfortable recommending them to you.  My suggestion is to stick to the tinnitus treatments found on this website, as there are very likely products being offered on the Internet that do not work and are simply tinnitus scams that you should avoid when trying to find relief from your tinnitus symptoms.  Take some time and look over our site and our tinnitus recommendations and make a decision for yourself as to which tinnitus treatment might be best for your individual tinnitus relief.

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