We thought this was interesting when we found this strange 9 million dollar tinnitus lawsuit being brought against pop singer Justin Bieber.  Even though Bieber is a prime candidate for one day suffering from tinnitus, he is probably a little young to feel or experience the ringing ears symptoms that most musicians experience at some point in their life.  In Bieber’s case, the terrible tinnitus symptoms are hitting his pocket book and not his ears, although the latter issues may come soon enough as well.

Tinnitus Lawsuit

Tinnitus Lawsuit

A woman by the name of Stacey Betts has filed a 9 million dollar lawsuit against Bieber claiming that Bieber damaged her ears and hearing by creating a sound blast that exceeded safe noise decibel levels.  While most people would probably agree that if you go to a pop concert that you should expect to be subjected to loud noise levels, this claim is a bit different due to the fact that she’s not claiming the loud music did the damage.

Bett’s is actually claiming that Bieber was floating out above and over the crowd on a heart shaped gondola.  As the gondola moved across the screaming crowd, he would drive that section into a screaming frenzy, which is what actually damaged the ladies hearing in which she has been diagnosed with tinnitus and hyperacusis.  Here is what we found about the lawsuit in an article that was written by Nick McCann that was posted at www.courthousenews.com.

A woman says the screaming fans at a Justin Bieber concert left her with severe tinnitus and hyperacusis after the teen pop star sailed over the crowd in a heart-shaped gondola. The woman, representing herself, is demanding more than $9 million in her federal lawsuit.

Representing herself, Stacey Wilson Betts sued Justin Bieber, his record label, management, and owner of the concert venue for damage to her ears.

The Wilsonville woman says she took her daughter to a Justin Bieber concert in Portland in July 2010 where she was “injured by a sound blast that exceeded safe decibel levels.”  You can read the entire  original article here.

While this sounds like one of the usual frivolous lawsuits that we read about almost daily in today’s litigious world, it’s really hard to say how this might turn out.  Were Bett’s simply claiming that the loud concert did the damage, then we doubt this suit would last very long at all, but that is not the case.  Bett’s is claiming that it was the unexpected actions of Bieber floating out over the crowd and actually using hand gestures to drive the crowd to extremely loud cheers that did the damage, so it’s possible that this lawsuit might actually gain some type of traction.

As with most lawsuits of this nature, if the Judge does not throw it out early, then it’s likely that Bieber would simply settle the suit rather than spend the money to even defend it.  We will follow this closely and report on it further if and when we hear anything more about it.  We would like to hear your thoughts on it as well.  What if you were in that crowd and you really did begin to have tinnitus symptoms after the incident?  Do you think it’s legitimate and would you give her your vote of confidence if you were on the jury knowing what you know at this point in regards to this strange 9 million dollar tinnitus lawsuit?

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