This is the age of the ear phones and with so many listening gadgets such as Ipod’s and other similar devices that so many young people are using, if you are one of them, you should think twice before plugging those ear phones into your ear canal.  The biggest issue is playing the sound far too loud when using these ear phones or ear buds as they are often called.  Simply turning down the volume on them can be one of the best steps to prevent that ringing in the ears issue known as tinnitus.

One of the main problems we face with tinnitus is that there is no sure fire cure or fix for anyone that suffers from it, so the best steps for our young people that are not yet experiencing symptoms of tinnitus and ringing ears is preventative measures and education as to the damage that can be done by the continuous exposure to loud noises.  We found this article that explains these preventive measures very well, so we thought we would share this special report that we found at WSAW.Com:

Before you plug headphones into your iPod, think twice about it. You could be affecting your hearing for years to come. It all comes down to how loud you’re playing those tunes. And the younger you are the worse it can be.

“We have seen an increase in the incidents of hearing loss in younger people…teenagers and even younger,” says Dr. Michael Dahlke, of ENT Associates. “You have a smaller volume for that sound pressure and therefore it can be worse in children than in adults.”

On a weekly basis he sees a number of noise induced hearing loss. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears caused by loud noises, can strike at a young age and haunt you forever.

“When you start losing hearing from noise exposure, it’s something that is permanent it’s something that is not going to get better, but may increase and get worse or progress,” he adds.

His advice is to check the maximum power output when you buy headphones and then only play music at half to two-thirds of the maximum volume.

Some experts say listening to music at full volume with earbuds for even five minutes can increase the chances of hearing loss. 90 decibals or higher is when you’re starting to get into the so-called “danger zone.” But at most retail chains, earbuds are still selling fast. Target is one example.

“Mostly because of the price point they’re definitely very affordable and on top of that they have adjustable ear buds, ” says Melissa Cottrell, an Executive Team Leader at the store.  You can read the entire original article here.

If you have kids or know someone that uses a listening device with these ear buds or ear phones, it is important that you educate them now, although they will be hesitant to listen.  If it’s your own kids, you might even be wise to refuse to allow them to have these products until they are old enough to know better.  At a young age, they see everyone else doing it, so they assume that they have to do it too, and they don’t want to be left out of the latest craze either.

Until a more permanent and lasting cure for tinnitus is available, preventing the damage that causes it is one of the best steps to prevent that ringing in the ears.  If it’s too late for you and the damage has already been done and you are simply looking for options in which to get help from your tinnitus, then you need to see and review one of  the best options we have found to date that will actually help stop tinnitus symptoms.

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