A recent new study shows evidence of an effective tinnitus treatment.  The Journal Lancet released information on Thursday that shows evidence that tinnitus was responding to a specialized process that was used on a controlled group of patients.  This special process consisted of tinnitus treatment by a multidisciplinary team, and the results showed both an improvement in tinnitus symptoms and overall quality of life for those people that were treated with this process.

Leading Cause Of Tinnitus

Leading Cause Of Tinnitus (jonchoo.blogspot.com)

There seems to be a lot of new information arriving almost daily in regards to new and exciting tinnitus treatment options.  Nearly 16 million people suffer from tinnitus or ringing ears, so it’s important that a definitive cure is found soon.  With the large scale use of headphones and ear buds in recent years, the number of persons suffering from tinnitus is only going to increase.  One important note is that this specialized care works along similar lines to a product we already recommend here at My Cure Tinnitus called Tinnitus Miracle, so it really reaffirms that this product is certainly on the right track as a tinnitus remedy.

A recent article on wtma.com had this to say about the new study:

For the first time, research suggests an approach that may yield a solution to tinnitus, a condition best known for buzzing or ringing in the ears.  A new study released Thursday in the journal Lancet offers evidence of an effective treatment for the nearly 16 million Americans who have sought medical attention for tinnitus.

“In extreme forms, patients are unable to function, go to work or other social events, and are deprived of enjoyment in life,” said the study’s primary investigator, Rilana Cima, a clinical psychiatrist at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

In the study, 247 tinnitus patients received standard therapy, while 245 patients instead received treatment with specialized care involving an integrated multi-disciplinary team of audiologists, psychologists, speech therapists, movement therapists, physical therapists and social workers.  What the researchers found was that those patients treated by the multi-disciplinary team had improvements not only in tinnitus symptoms, but also in quality of life.

“The results of this trial are especially convincing and relevant for clinical practice,” writes Dr. Berthold Langguth, associate professor of medicine at the University of Regensburg in Germany, in an editorial accompanying the new study.

“Specialized care was significantly better than usual care for the whole sample,” continues Langguth.  “The researchers did not identify a new treatment — rather, they identified the most useful treatments.”

The new integrated, multidisciplinary approach outlined in this study includes a combination of standard tests and medical evaluations in addition to a special type of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy.  Your can read the rest of the original article here.

This fact that this new study shows evidence of an effective tinnitus treatment, along with the recent news about a possible pharmaceutical treatment for tinnitus are both encouraging, as I have suffered from this malady for several years, thus my keen interest in the subject and this blog.  I feel certain that some important development will lead to a complete cure in the near future.  Until then, we really like and recommend Tinnitus Miracle.  That product and tinnitus masking have helped me personally more than any other products.

If you want some additional information on tinnitus masking, check out this YouTube video.

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