While it is not a complete cure, one way that many people gain relief from the ringing in the ears that comes from tinnitus is by using masking techniques.  Masking continues to bring help to cure tinnitus symptoms, although it will not cure the underlying causes of tinnitus.  Researchers at UC Irvine have found an improved way to use masking in order to relieve people of tinnitus symptoms such as acute ringing in the ears.

Masking To Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

Masking To Cure Tinnitus Symptoms

We have posted about this topic previously, and you can find that tinnitus masking article here, so be sure to read it as well, as you will find some masking suggestion on that post as well.  Tinnitus can be debilitating for some people, as the ringing in their ears may be non stop.  If you have tried different options with no reprieve, then you might want to give masking a shot.  We have used masking some ourselves, although we were also able to improve our overall tinnitus symptoms with this strategy.

Here is what Pat Brennan had to say about the masking research that is being done at UC Irvine in a recent article that was posted at www.sciencedude.ocregister.com.

Researchers at UC Irvine have found an alternative way to ease tinnitus, a high-pitched noise or ringing in the ears that afflicts about 60 million Americans.

Many tinnitus sufferers wear “maskers,” ear devices that produce an external sound that’s basically meant to overwhelm the ringing, which varies greatly in severity. This works for some people, but not others.

Fan-Gang Zeng, a professor of biomedical engineering and otolaryngology at UCI, has been experimenting with soft, low-pitched customized sounds that offset or suppress the ringing. The sounds can be delivered by a small MP3 player that’s easy to wear.

“There is no cure for tinnutus, but this approach has provided relief in about 80 percent of the 40 people we’ve worked with in clinical trials,” says Zeng, who is focusing on patients with severe ringing.  You can read the entire original article here.

It appears evident that masking can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus when it comes to the ringing in your ears.  Don’t get excited thinking this process will cure your tinnitus because it will not.  However, if your ringing is loud enough and constant enough to be affecting your overall quality of life, then you should indeed give this strategy a shot.

As we stated previously, we tested this idea personally and found that it does indeed stop the excessive noise when in use, giving us some instant relief at times.  What we have found works best is using holistic treatment options, as it actually quietened the noise without the need for masking.  We found that following a strict diet helped more than anything.  If you have not yet tried a holistic option to treat your tinnitus symptoms, then you should read more and spend some time here on our website.  If nothing else has helped, then give masking as shot, as masking continues to bring help to cure tinnitus symptoms, even if it won’t cure the underlying causes of tinnitus.

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