We are often asked:  Does ear wax contribute to tinnitus causes?  Ear wax actually serves a very important process in the overall health of your ears, so any removal of it should be only at the direction of a competent physician.  Having said that, excess ear wax or a build up that causes tinnitus problems or other symptoms of ringing of the ears should be looked at by your doctor.  A build up of ear wax has been known to bring on tinnitus symptoms in many patients, and it can be an easy fix if done properly by someone trained to remove the wax buildup.  So yes, tinnitus causes can be a result of ear wax.

 One of the worst things you can do is try and remove ear wax with cotton swabs.  You can accidentally rupture or puncture your ear drum, which will lead to much more serious issues than a build up of wax.  If you scrape away too much of the wax, you could allow potential infection to enter your ears.  Finally, you can actually push the wax further into your ear or ears creating problems where none actually existed.  Tinnitus causes can vary greatly, so it’s important that you follow the correct steps to identifying your tinnitus symptoms.

If you suspect that you are experiencing a loss of hearing or a ringing of the ears or head due to a build up of ear wax, then consult your doctor and let them recommend a course of action for you.  While there are several commercial and home remedies for removing ear wax, we don’t recommend that anyone use them without consulting a competent medical specialist first.  We know ear wax does contribute to tinnitus causes, so if you suspect this may be an issue for you, get it checked out ASAP!  If an when you do decide to use a home ear wax removal system, we suggest the one below, as it has proven to give the best results.

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